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Classic Cheese


The classic cheese ensaymada dates back to the early days of Spanish rule. Our classic cheese ensayamda is a soft buttery brioche-like bun and it is topped with buttercream and grated cheese. 



Are you ready to join the family of UBE lovers? Ube is a very popular flavor in the Philippines that is used in ice cream, cakes and pastries. Our Ube ensaymada boasts a rich topping of Ube buttercream, ube halaya (Purple Yam jam) and cheese. 



A cheese that originated from the Netherlands, it has a mild flavour, slightly salty or nutty and as the cheese ages the taste sharpens and the texture becomes firmer. A staple in Filipino Noche Buena tables during the holiday season, you can now enjoy this ensaymada at Tamy’s kitchen. 



This is another must-try variety in Tamy’s Kitchen. The acidic taste that comes from the topping and the sweet and luscious taste of Tamy’s Kitchen Brioche bun balances out the taste. And this will surely leave a lasting impression in your taste buds. 




 This is a tang and sweet fruit from the tropics that everybody love. Our ensaymada is filled with mango filling topped with buttercream and cheese.





The name is derived from Spanish pastel which means “cake”. Our sweet brioche bun is frosted with yema (custard) and topped with cheese that is made fresh with locally source ingredients. Perfect combination of sweetness from yema and saltiness from cheese. You can enjoy this variety of anytime if you need a sweet treat.  


A classic combination, the soft buttery bun is frosted with buttercream and topped with OREO crumbs. A sure hit for the kids and the kid-at-heart.



HAM & EGG (Temporarily not Available)

Sitting on top of our sweet and soft brioche bun luscious buttercream is a slice of salted egg and filling of pieces of ham that will surely captivate your taste buds and will be asking for more. This is a very popular classic variety and one of our bestsellers. 

More varieties to come….



Delivery Within Edmonton w/ Minimum Purchase

$35.00 - West Edmonton or 8 km from T5P 2L3 + Delivery fee  of $5.00

$35.00 - All Other Areas of Edmonton + Delivery fee of $10.00

Special Orders Can Be Accommodated any day with

3 Days Notice and Minimum Purchase

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